[Subs] Maru-chan's new Simple Balance CM


A friend and I subbed Maru-chan's new CM and making vids in our native language, Thai. Then I decided to translate them in English since they are very short clips.

Please note that neither could I understand Japanese nor English is my mother tongue. My friend did the JP trans, I the EN trans. It's a 3-step process so it tends to have grammatically errors somewhere. So please bear with me.



Please DO NOT re-upload anywhere else cuz I don't want Utena-san to come after me. XD



Props — overload

Plans — none

Money — nope

Brain — empty

Mind — blank 

Setlist — what setlist...

Will I make it?   (._.


My one and only other beautiful world is collapsing. 

It will never be the same again.

I really don't know...

I'm depending so much on Time to help me. So please...


Murakami Shingo Day

Dear Murakami-san,

Thank you for always being there. 

For always taking care of your kids i.e. those adorkable ossans. 

For being the warm, kind-hearted, considerate person albeit your ever tsukkomi-ing people. 

Please take care of your health. 

Happy Birthday!

No money, no life, huh!?